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We grow small and medium businesses (SMBs) by optimizing their online presence with proven best practices.


We listen to your challenges, and create a custom plan to take your business to the next level.

That plan follows The OWS Method, which is comprised of the five main buckets below.

Web Design

Our custom websites are built with your needs at the forefront of our designers’ minds.

They perform at an optimum level, and are mobile responsive, with a fast load speed. Our team has been actively monitoring the Google Page Experience update, and our websites are designed to satisfy Core Web Vitals, as well as create an optimum experience for users.

Your current customers will enjoy the efficient, user-friendly browsing experience, and you’ll also generate new leads to grow your business.

Digital Marketing (Online Visibility)

Visibility is vital for the success of your business. You can’t generate new leads if potential customers can’t find your website or your contact information, also known as “NAP” (name, address, phone number).

We can submit your website and info to the top directories on the Web, to help expand your reach, and optimize your online presence.

And once you’re listed, we can also help you with customer relations management (CRM) by setting up an email marketing campaign, if you’re interested in interacting with your leads on a more direct, personal level.

Need help with your Google My Business listing? We’ll create, set up and optimize your GMB listing—helping increase visibility in your local market.

Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimization)

Our SEO audits identify issues with how your website is ranking, and we use that data to help get you back on track.

We then use proven strategies and best practices, specifically targeting medium and long-tail keywords, to help you rank better. SEO doesn’t happen overnight, but over time, you’ll rank for more keywords, helping improve brand awareness. Not only that, you should also see an increase in website traffic.

You’ll reap benefits from our optimization help. It’ll not only help you rank better, but also position your business in its respective market, aligning with the solutions listed in our brand strategy bucket below.

Brand Strategy

Your brand is the northstar of your business.

It’s your ethos, and bridges a connection to your customers. We offer brand strategy consulting to ensure your purpose is clear, and that you’re properly positioning your business in its respective market .

We also help your business with differentiation, using competitive audits. You’ll get a full report highlighting how your competitors are generating leads, driving organic traffic to their website and more.

These in-depth reports show how you stack up against others in your industry. The data can help you seize market share, and also accomplish long-term goals you’ve set.

Website Optimization

Our optimization team ensures your current website is performing at an optimum level. 

We’ll run a technical audit to see if your web hosting company is providing your users with the best experience possible. Not only that, we’ll take a look at your WordPress plugins, images, theme and anything else negatively impacting your website’s performance.

The issues we identify will be relinquished by our solutions, and we’ll optimize your website, so it can thrive in the future, with Web 3.0 not too far on the horizon.

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