Written by Matt Birch on March 20, 2022


About Matt Birch

Matt Birch is the founder of Optimize Web Solutions. His passion for small businesses, and close relationships with their owners, drove him to launch OWS.

He built OWS on the premise of growing both small and medium businesses (SMBs) by solving their digital media and visibility problems. Matt's background in web design and digital marketing (search engine optimization, brand strategy and social media management) aligns with the best practices and strategies The OWS Method is based upon.

He and his team work cooperatively to help OWS' clients optimize their online presence and maximize their growth potential. 

Anyone who knows Matt is well aware of his love for nature, coffee, food (both cooking and eating it), beer, books, good conversation and anything digital that doesn't compromise privacy. He'd love to hear from you!

Article written by Matt Birch
Matt Birch is a fan of all things digital. He's a believer in good design, democratization, finding time to appreciate nature and food that doesn't come from a can. Oh, and in his opinion: Dark Side Of The Moon is the greatest album of all-time.

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